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Welcome to the Moap Wiki. Click here if you are not familiar with the Wiki concept.

The MOAP site is not active. Grameen Technology Center, a part of Grameen Foundation USA is hosting the new effort at http://www.mifos.org and http://mifos.sourceforge.net

The Mo-Ap Project is conceived as an open source effort to develop standards, tools, libraries and solutions for the international micro-finance and micro-credit communities. We are just getting started, please click on the links below to read our documentation and subscribe to our mailing list to find out how you can get involved.

High volume transactions, group solidarity lending, and field operations in poor rural locations all make Microfinance a difficult market niche to support with commercial portfolio management and accounting products. At the same time, the grassroots philosophy, low margins, and innovative tendencies of the emerging microfinance industry make it a good match for Open Source Systems development. Moreover, the lack of data standards ... read more.

The context and application conceptuals:

Starting with existing systems:

Getting to specifications:

Starting with Moap RI (Reference Implementation):

Internationalisation :

The team functions as follows:

Other links

  • Open Source in Developing Countries In this study we have examined the open source phenomenon in general, and in particular as it relates to developing countries. We discussed the history of open source, how open source works, and why developers contribute to open source. After examining open source markets and business models, we presented a strategy framework and strategy map for developing countries to go down the open source path. (PDF)

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